August 31, 2014 in Bible Study by Fellowship Organization

MATTHEW 7:1-12

Here in Week Thirty-Six, Wednesday, September 3, 2014, we continue with Jesus’s “Sermon on the Mount” found in Matthew Chapters 5 thru 7. This sermon is a long, powerful and transformational message from Jesus that literally re-defined our relationship with God and our relationship the church, other Christians and the world. In this section we read Jesus’ warning Christians not to judge, teaching the power of persistent prayer and showing us the “Golden Rule.” on Please review Matthew 7:1-12 and answer these questions:

1. In Chapter 7:1 what kind of judging do you think Jesus is preaching against?

2. Jesus was the master of hyperbole. What is hyperbole?

3. Where in Verses 1-5 do you find one of the best-known examples of hyperbole in the Bible?

4. What do you think Jesus means in Verse 2 when he says you will be treated the way you treat others?

5. Who is going to treat you that way?

6. Jesus has a special dislike for hypocrites where in Chapter 7:3-5 do we see that Jesus detested hypocrisy?

7. Since Jesus had already instructed his disciples to love their enemies and had just commanded them not to judge others and told them to forgive their enemies, is Jesus contradicting Himself by calling people pigs and dogs?

8. What are some of the characteristics of pigs and dogs that Jesus is warning about in these verses?

9. What do you think Jesus means by “ask, seek and knock” in Verses 7 & 8?

10. How do the illustrations of Jesus in Verses 9-11 help you understand the importance of asking, seeking and knocking?

11. Did you know that Verse 12 is called the “Golden Rule”?

12. What makes the Golden Rule so powerful in this sermon?