BIBLE STUDY – July 9, 2014

July 7, 2014 in Bible Study by Fellowship Organization



Here in Week Twenty-Eight, Wednesday, July 9, we study Revelation Chapter 22. Please join us as we reveal some of the deeper meanings of Revelation through a look at the last chapter in our journey through the Book of Revelation. Chapter 22 is the epilogue that ties the book together! Oh, here we see those who are victorious “sweeping through the City!” Please read Chapter 22 and answer these questions:

1.What do you think is the major difference between the “river with the water of life” in the Holy City in Revelation 22:1 and the river in the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel 47:1-12? Why is this difference so important? What does you the difference mean at the end of Revelation?

2. What are some of the striking similarities between the river with the water of life in Revelation 22:1 and the river in Ezekiel 47:1-12?

3. What great promise made in Revelation Chapter 21 comes true in 22:1? Hint: see 21:6. Who made the promise and why was it such a powerful and necessary promise?

4. Where does the river of the water of life flow in Revelation 22?

5. Slowly but surely throughout Revelation John has been moving toward the merging of the Lamb of God (Jesus) and God the Father. Where in the first five verses of Chapter 22 is this merger or union between Jesus and God finally accomplished in a powerful way?

6. What is the meaning of pericope? What makes the pericope of Revelation 21:5 – 22:6a so important to the understanding of the Book of Revelation?

7. Do you think the angel in Revelation 22:6b is the same angel from Revelation 1:1? What makes you think so?

8. Who is speaking in Revelation 22:7? How do you know?

9. How many times in Revelation 22 does Jesus say, “I am coming soon!” and how soon is soon?

10. Which previously read scripture in the Book of Revelation is quoted in Revelation 22:8?

11. Why do you think the angel told John in Revelation 22:10 not to “seal up the words of prophecy written in this book?” What does the term seal up meant then and means now?

12. What do think the angel means in Revelation 22:10 when he says, “for the time is near”? Do you think those words for the church back then or now?

13. Do you think the angel speaking in Revelation 22:11 meant to imply that God gives permission for some persons to be unjust and filthy?

14. In 22:13 we see the names Alpha and Omega, who said these words?

15. In 22:13 we find the most important revelation in Revelation. What do you think is so very important about the meaning of Revelation Chapter 22:13?

16. What do you think Jesus means in 22:16 when he says “I am both the source of David and the heir to his throne.”?

17. Who are the Spirit and the bride in 22:17?

18. In which verses in Chapter 22 do we find the last two of seven beatitudes in the Book of Revelation?

19. How would you explain what Jesus means in Chapters 18 and 19 about the words of prophecy written in the Book of Revelation?

20. Why do you think the bride and Groom never get married in the entire Book of Revelation?

21. What are the three most important things you learned during our study of Revelation?

Please read. Matthew 5:1-12 for Wednesday, July 16, 2024 as we study the Beatitudes.