April 18, 2015 in Bible Study by Fellowship Organization


On April 22, 2015, in Week 17, we continue our study of the first book in the Bible: Genesis. Our goal in the study of Genesis is to understand God’s revelation of Himself to His creation and the purpose of this written revelation by the author of Genesis. This book is beautifully written but also raises several questions that we will answer together over the next several weeks. Let’s keep going!

Please read Genesis Chapters 15-16 and answer these questions:

1. What was the promise that God made to Abram in Genesis Chapter 15?

2. In Genesis 15:2 has the first time that Abram spoke to God in Genesis. What did Abram say to God in Genesis15:2?

3. Check what kind of message is Abram speech’s to God in Genesis 15:2-3?
a. lament
b. complaint
c. question

4. Based on Abram talking back to God in Genesis 15:2-3 & 8, do you think anyone can talk back or even debate God or this is only the right of holy people like Abram to question or talk back to God?

5. Some Bible scholars believe that Abram’s questions in Verses 2-3 provide the central theme of Chapter 15. What do you think this central theme might be?

6. Based on what you read in Chapter 15, why was Abram considered righteousness? Select one:
a. Belief in God
b. Obedience to God
c. Faithfulness to God
d. All of the above

7. The words of the Lord in Genesis 15:7 sound almost word for word like another important I am statement from God in the Book of Exodus. Where in Exodus do you find almost the same I am statement from God as in 15:7 and why do think both statements were so important?

8. What do you think was the significance of Abram cutting the animals in half in Verses 9-10?

9. What do you make of the symbolism of the “smoking firepot” and “flaming torch” in Verse 17?

10. What was the covenant the Lord made with Abram in Verses 18-19 and what was the land called?

11. In Chapter 16 what was the crisis that Sarai and Abram faced?

12. Who was Hagar and where was she from?

13. Where do you think Sarai got the authority to do what she did with Hagar and Abram?

14. What do you think of Sarai blaming Abram for Hagar’s response to her after Hagar became pregnant? Was Abram’s response good or bad?

15. What did Sarai do to Hagar that made Hagar runaway? What did Hagar do to cause her problems?

16. What were the profound questions the angel of the Lord asked Hagar? What would be your responses if the angel of the Lord asked you the same questions, today?

17. How do you feel about the angel of the Lord’s directive to Hagar? Would you have complied with this directive?

18. Who was Ishmael and what did his name mean?

19. What was the other name Hagar gave for the Lord? Why was the same for the Lord so important to Hagar then and to us now?

20. How old was Abram when Ishmael was born? What do you think was the significance of Abram’s age at the birth of Ishmael?