February 28, 2015 in Bible Study by Fellowship Organization


On March 4, 2015, in Week 10, we continue our study of the first book in the Bible: Genesis. Our goal in the study of Genesis is to understand God’s revelation of Himself to His creation and the purpose of this written revelation by the author of Genesis. This book is beautifully written but also raises several questions that we will answer together over the next several weeks. Let’s keep going!

Please read Genesis Chapters 7-8 and answer these questions:

1. In Chapter 7:1, Noah is seen by the Lord as righteous. What other scriptures demonstrate Noah as a righteous man?

2. In Chapter7:2, how could Noah know how to take the clean animals, since there was no Old Testament law yet?

3. Why were the clean animals to be taken by sevens (seven pairs) and the unclean by two?

4. How old was Noah when the flood came?

5. Had it ever rain before the flood in Noah’s day?

6. In Chapter 7:12, 24, did the flood last 40 days or 150 days?

7. Chapter 8:1 states God remembered Noah; what do you think this means?

8. Why did Noah release a raven? Why did he later release a dove ?

9. How long did it take the earth to dry?

10. Will the waters cover the entire earth again? What then will destroy the earth?

11. In Chapter 8:15-21, God called Noah out of the ark. In Chapter 12:1-7, God called Abram out of the country. Can you name at least six parallels with God calling Noah and God calling Abram?