The mission of Charity is carried out through our ministries. Pastor Rivers believes that the guiding principle of ministry is found in the words of Jesus Christ as recorded in the gospel of Mark 10:43, “Whoever wants to be great must become a servant”. As a result, Charity has dedicated servant leaders to carry out our ministries:


Deacons Ministries Trustees Ministries Pastor and Ministerial Staff
  Brother Levon Scott, Chairman Reverend Dr. Nelson B. Rivers, III
Deacon Levy Berry, Vice Chairman Sister Phyllis Griffin, Vice Chairperson Reverend Melanie D. Collins
Deacon Wilson Melvin Sister Marvella Ford, Secretary Reverend Rossilind Daniels
Deacon James Gause, Sr. Sister Tonnia Switzer-Smalls Reverend Clarence Frazier
Deacon Ladine Daniels, Sr. Sister Henrietta Conyers Reverend Sidney Melvin
Deacon Freddie Lambright Brother Terryl Gadson Reverend Edward Simmons, Sr.
Deacon Timothy Griffin Brother Terry Gradney Minister Jerod Frazier
Deacon Randolph Mood Deaconess Mary Greer Minister Vertelle Seabrook
Deacon Clarence Bryant Sister Sonja McGee Evangelist Sandra Simmons
Deacon William Cherry, Jr. Sister Kimberly Murdaugh
Deacon David Gibson Brother Melvin Sturdivent
Deacon Kevin Greene
Deacon John Griffin
Treasurer Church Clerk Administrative Assistant
Sister Tonnia Switzer-Smalls Sister Vickie Stuckey Sister Mary Greer