We close out our teaching this week on the Post-Resurrection work of Jesus the Christ as recorded in Chapter 21 of the Gospel of John. Here Jesus completes more of his unfinished business by restoring Jesus and empowering his disciples. Before his final ascent to take his rightful place on the right hand of God the Father in Heaven, Jesus had to reward the faithfulness of Mary Magdalene and bring peace to his disciples. Most importantly Jesus had to prepare his disciples for their future work by breathing on them the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Please read John 21 and then prepare to answer the following questions:

  1. Where is the Sea of Tiberias? What is the other name for this body of water?
  2. Where in the Gospels did the angel tell the disciples that Jesus would meet them in Galilee?
  3. What were the disciples doing following the Resurrection when Jesus appeared to them in Verses 1-6 and why do you think were they doing it?
  4. How many disciples were present when Jesus appeared? Who were they?
  5. Which disciples were missing when Jesus appeared in this chapter? Why do you think they weren’t there?
  6. Compare the boating incident here with the boating incident in Luke 5-11. What are your thoughts on the two incidents? Is there a lesson to learn? John 21:1-14.
  7. What’s the important lesson in verses 5-6?
  8. What lesson(s) is Christ teaching the disciples and us in that He already had a fire going and fish cooking but still asked that they bring fish to the fire? Verses 9-12.
  9. Why do you think John is exact on the facts about the size and number of fish caught? Verse 11.
  10. Who or what are “these” that Christ is referring to in verse 15.
  11. Why does Christ ask Peter three times if Peter loves Him? Verses 15-19.
  12. What kind of death was Christ telling Peter he would suffer? Verses 18-19.
  13. Why do you think that Peter asked about John in verses 20-21? What is Christ’s answer? 22.
  14. Who is the disciple that John is talking about In Verse 24? Why does he say “we know his testimony is true?”
  15. What is the main point of Verse 25?
  16. Where we can find more accounts of what Jesus did when he lived in human flesh?