This week we resume our Bible Study by looking at the “Miracle of Pentecost.” We will study Acts 2:1-13 to get a clear understanding of how important this Scripture is the birth and growth of the Christian Church.
Please prayerfully and carefully read ACTS Chapter 2:1-13 as you prepare to answer the following questions:
What is the definition of the word Pentecost as used in Acts 2:1?
What is the name of the Jewish festival that was celebrated during Pentecost? How many days was this festival celebrated?
Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after his resurrection. How many days after the Resurrection of Jesus before the day of Pentecost “had fully come”?
In Verse 1, what do you think the believers did to get on “one accord”? Where do you find proof of these actions in Acts 1?
In the Acts 2:1, where do you think the “in one place” was located?
In Acts 2:3 what do you think is meant by “a sudden sound from heaven”?
What does the word wind mean in Verse 2? Where do you find examples of the actions of this type of wind in the Old Testament and New Testament?
How would you describe what was going on when the “tongues, as of fire, and sat upon each of them”? What do you think this kind of fire meant in the Old Testament? Do you remember this from Sunday’s sermon by Pastor Rivers?
What do you think it means in Verse 4 by “they were all filled with the Holy Spirit”?
Is what happened in Verse 4 the same as the “Indwelling of the Holy Spirit”? How would explain the “Indwelling of the Holy Spirit to a new Christian”?
Does Verse 4 show first use of the gift of speaking in tongues? Why? Why not?
Verse 5 says there were Jews in Jerusalem during Pentecost “from every nation under heaven.” Why do you think there so many foreign Jews in Jerusalem at this time?
Verse 6 says the multitude was “confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language.” Why do you think they were confused?
In Verse 7 some in the crowd said “Look, are not all these who speak Galileans? Why do you think the crowd thought all the believers were from Galilee? Were all of the believers speaking in other languages Galileans?
It is very important that Christians understand what was going on Verse 8. How would explain what is really going here to a new Christian?
In Verses 9 through 11 there is a list of where those speaking in different languages were from. Were any of these places in Africa? Why is important if there were Africans in this group in Jerusalem?
What is your answer to the question in Verse 12? Why do you think the crowd thought the believers were drunk with new wine?