This week’s Bible Study continues our study of the “Miracle of Pentecost” by taking our first look at the preaching miracle at Pentecost. Study Peter’s sermon in Acts 2:14-21 to discuss the importance and message of the first sermon in the Christian Church.
Please prayerfully and carefully read ACTS Chapter 2:14-21 as you prepare to answer the following questions:
What do you think Luke meant when he wrote “Peter stood up with the Eleven,” in Acts 2:14?
Who was Peter preaching to in Acts 2:14?
What did Peter mean in Acts 2:15 when he said the men were not drunk because “it’s only nine in the morning?”
Who was the prophet Joel that Peter was referring to in Acts 2:16?
Where in the Book of Joel do you find the Scripture that Peter is quoting?
What is the difference between what Peter says in Acts 2:17 and the actual quote from Joel?
What do you think God meant when He told Joel that He “will pour out my Spirit on all people?” Why was this message from God so important to the Pentecost experience in Acts 2?
One of the first Black women to preach in America in the 19th Century used this prophecy from Joel, which Peter quotes in Acts 2:17, as Biblical proof that women could preach. Who was this woman?
Why do you think she argued that this Scripture authorized her to preach?
Who do you think God means are His servants in Acts 2:18?
Since all of what Joel prophesied in Acts 2:18 did not happen at Pentecost, when do you think they will happen?
How would you explain Acts 2:21 to a new Christian?