This week’s Bible Study continues our study of the “Miracle of Pentecost” by taking our second look at the preaching miracle at Pentecost. Study the rest of Peter’s sermon in Acts 2:22-39 to discuss and learn how this sermon by the Apostle Peter established the foundation for all “Gospel Preaching” in the Christian Church.
Please prayerfully and carefully read ACTS Chapter 2:22-39 as you prepare to answer the following questions:
Why do you think in Acts 2:22, Peter addressed some in the crowd as “Men of Israel?” Who were they?
Why do you think Peter called the Savior “Jesus of Nazareth” in Acts 2:22?
In Acts 2:22, what were some “miracles, wonders and signs” that God did among them through Jesus? Where do you find some of them in Scripture?
By the time he gets to Verse 23, Peter is really preaching! How would you explain what he was saying when he said Jesus was “handed over to you by God’s set purpose and foreknowledge;” to a new Christian?
What do you think Verse 24 says about God’s purpose for us through Jesus and Jesus’ power over death?
Where in the Old Testament do you find the words of King David that Peter is quoting in Verse 25-28?
You probably have heard David called a King, a Psalmist, and a great leader, did you know he was also a prophet? Where do we find the proof that David was a prophet in Peter’s preaching in Verses 25-31?
In Verses 25-31 was Peter quoting King David as talking about himself, someone else or both? Who else was David talking about?
In Verses 27 and 31 the KJV uses the word hell, while NKJV uses Hades, and the NIV says grave. Do the words hell, Hades and grave mean the same thing? If not what are the differences?
In Verses 30-31, Peter interpreted the prophecy of David from Verse 27. How did Peter use David’s words to prove Jesus was the promised Messiah?
In Verses 32 and 36 Peter refers to the Savior as “this Jesus.” Why do you think Peter placed this special emphasis on “this Jesus?”
Verse 37 says Peter’s preaching cut the people “to the heart.” What does the phrase “cut to heart” mean? How did Peter’s sermon do such a thing?
BONUS FOR ALL: In Verses 22-35 Peter gave at least four proofs that the Resurrection of Christ was real. Can you name at least two of the proofs that Jesus was raised from the dead and was their promised Messiah