Last week we studied Galatians Chapter 2 where we saw Paul as a “freedom fighter!” Now we will study Chapter 3 which is considered by many Bible Scholars as the center of Galatians. In Chapter 3 Paul writes what I call the Christian “Emancipation Proclamation!” Please read carefully and prayerfully Galatians 3 as we learn together why this chapter declares freedom for us some 2,000 years later. Enjoy this until we meet on Wednesday night!
1. Why did Paul call the Galatians “foolish” In Galatians 1:1? What did the word foolish mean in this verse?
2. Was Paul accusing the Galatians of participating in witchcraft when he asked “who bewitched you?” What do you think Paul means by bewitched?
3. Most of these Galatians were not at Jesus’ crucifixion, so what does Paul mean when he said that Jesus had been clearly portrayed as crucified before their very eyes?
4. In Verse 2, Paul uses a rhetorical question. What is the question? Can you define a rhetorical question?
5. In Verses 2 and 5, Paul challenges the Galatians to understand that they and all Christians receive the Holy Spirit by hearing. Tell us where this doctrine is made clear in the book of Romans? Look at Romans 10.
6. Starting with Verse 6, Paul goes into a deep discussion of the role of Jewish Law. In Verse 6 Paul quotes the Book of Genesis and the story of Abraham. Which Genesis Verse is Paul quoting in Verse 6?
7. In Verses 6-9 Paul gave the basis for a popular song by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers. What is the song and how do these Verses help us understand the awesome meaning of that song?
8. In Verse 6, Paul says Abraham received “righteousness” in the eyes of God. What made Abraham righteous in God’s eyes?
9. In Verse 7, Paul emphasizes an important doctrine of the Church when he said that Gentiles became children of Abraham. How did the Galatians become children of Abraham then and how are we his children today?
10. In Verses 15-22, Paul explains the difference between the Law and the Promise. What is another name for the promise from God? What does Paul say in the verses is the conflict between the law and the promise?
11. In Verses 26-29, Paul powerfully explains the equality of all Christians and gives what I call his “emancipation proclamation.” In Verse 26 Paul explains how the Galatians became children of God. How did Paul say they became children of God? Does this make us children of God today?
12. In Verse 28, Paul issues his emancipation proclamation and establishes the universal equality of all Christians. This is the most important verse in Galatians and one of the most important verses in the whole Bible. What does Paul say in this Verse that makes it clear that we are all equal in Christ Jesus? Since this is so clear, why do you think some men in the Church still refuse to accept the equality of women?
13. In Verse 29, Paul explains how Christian’s became Abraham’s seed and heirs to the promise God made to Abraham. How did we become Abraham’s seed? What is the promise from God to which we are now heirs?