We are now nearing the close of this great Chapter 5 of Galatians. In these next six verses of Chapter 5 Paul gives important teaching about Christian Freedom and our obligations as Christians to work for justice to change the world. Pay close attention these verses as Paul explains the danger of extreme liberty, the duty to love and how the Spirit can defeat sin. Please read carefully and prayerfully Galatians 5:13-18 as you prepare for our teaching and learning in this week’s assignment.
1.In Galatians 5:13, Paul cautions the Galatian Christian against the abuse of their new found freedom. What do you think Paul means when he warns them about using their “freedom to indulge the sinful nature”?
2. In the last part of Galatians 5:13, Paul teaches how to prevent the extreme use of their new liberty that the Galatians may have been tempted to use. What is the name of this prevention of the abuse of Christian liberty?
3. In Galatians 5:14, Paul summarizes the entire law in one commandment. What is that one commandment?
4. Where in the Old Testament does God the Father give this one commandment?
5. Where in the New Testament does Jesus the Christ give this one commandment?
6. In Galatians 5:15, Paul tells the Galatian Christians that if they kept on “biting and devouring each other,” they would destroy each other. Why was this warning so important then and for the church now?
7. Do you know of examples in the church today of Christian self-destruction from back biting and devouring each other?
8. Is any of this back biting and devouring go on in your church? If yes, what can be done about it?
9. If you don’t believe the back biting and devouring is going on at your church, how have you all been able to avoid it?
10. What do you think Paul means in Galatians 5:16 when he says “So I say live by the Spirit.”? Are you living by the Spirit?
11. If you are not living by the Spirit as much as you would like, what can you do to become better at living by the Spirit? What can Charity do to help you “live by the Spirit”?
12. In Verse 17, Paul describes the basic conflict between sinful nature and the Spirit. How would you summarize what Paul said about this conflict?
13. When Paul says in Verse 17, “so that you do not do what you want,” what do you think Paul means?
14. In the King James Version, Verse 17 reads “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh.” What does Paul mean by the flesh? Does he mean that the human body is sinful?
15. In the beginning of Verse 18, Paul says “But if you are led by the Spirit.” What do you think Paul means by being “led by the Spirit”
16. At the end of Verse 18, Paul writes that if you are led by the Spirit “you are not under the law.” What do you think Paul means by not being “under the law”?