This is our seventh week in the series “God’s Financial Plan for You and Your Money.” Now that we have a Monthly Budget we need to learn how to save and invest our money. In Chapter 5 of his book God’s Plan for Your Financial Success Charles Ross says “The number one prerequisite for saving and investing is attitude.” Why and how you save is based first on your attitude and then your knowledge of saving and investing. Let’s look at what God says about saving and investing.
Please prayerfully and carefully read and answer the following questions as you prepare to learn more about God’s Financial Plan for You and Your Money.
1. As Christians there should two basic reasons for saving and investing our money. The first reason to save and invest our money is to advance the kingdom of God. Now I know some of you will say “no way am I going to give money to the church before I get mine!” Well, read Matthew 6:24-33 and explain what you think Jesus is teaching about how Christians should view money and serving God? What do you think Jesus means in Verse 33 about the priority of God in saving and investing our money?
2. The second reason that Christians should save and invest money is to take care of our family.” Read 1 Timothy 5:8 and tell us what God is saying in this text about the importance of providing for one’s family? What does this text say about how we should view those Christians who refuse to take care of their immediate family?
3. To advance the kingdom of God and take care of our family, Christians must first save and then invest. Charles Ross says the basic rule is to save 10 percent of your monthly net income. If you can’t start with 10 percent then save 5 percent or 2 percent but save something!! Let’s consider the Biblical standard for saving by reading Genesis 41:25-41. Can you explain what percentage of income should be saved using Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream? What do you think Verses 33-41 say about the value of becoming wise in saving money?
4. After we start to save enough of our money to have a cash reserve, we should also start to invest our money. It is clear from Scripture that God encourages Christians to invest their money. Read one of Jesus’ most popular parables in Matthew 25:14-30 and tell us what do you think Jesus is saying about the importance of investing our money? How much would a talent be worth today?
5. As Christians we must make sure our motives for investing are right in God’s sight. Read Luke 12:18-21 and explain what Jesus was teaching about the right and wrong kind of motivation for investing our money?
6. While God does not want us to be greedy, he does not want us to be poor either! In Matthew 6:33 Jesus does not say seek only the Kingdom of God, he says seek what? First the kingdom of God! God’s word shows he does expect Christians to invest to attain a good standard of living. We can find Christians at every income level so clearly God does not mean for a one size fits all standard of living for all Christians. Read Philippians 4:1-19 and explain what you understand Paul is teaching about the right standard of living for Christians?
7. Although many Christians, especially Black Christians, love to quote Philippians 4:13, do you know what the entire context for this text says about money and a good standard of living? How does Paul relate being content to money in this text?
8. Christians must set priorities when it comes to investing. On Page 78 of his book God’s Financial Plan for Your Financial Success Charles Ross makes the excellent point that our investing plan must be guided by God. As Christians we should set up our investing plan based on our priorities in the use of our time, talent and resources (money and what it can buy), not based on the world’s views but on God’s standards. Our investing and all other financial decisions must be made within the will of God. When we understand God’s financial plan for our lives as set forth in His Word we will be more successful with saving and investing. Read Proverbs 16:9 and explain what you think it means about how God expects us to plan but He will direct?
Question for all:
9. Nothing about our plans as Christians will be perfect because we are not perfect. But God’s will is perfect for us. When it comes to investing, everything you try will not work. God does expect to have faith and courage and pray before all decisions. Read Matthew 17:14-21 and explain what Jesus was saying to his disciples about the danger of a lack of faith when it comes to executing God’s plans for our lives? Do you have enough prayer, courage and faith to start saving and investing your money God’s way?