On January 11, 2012, we review Chapters 11 thru 31. Remember: THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIET WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day.
In week two, we meet many of the well known names of the Bible and some of the most unforgettable characters of our faith. That right! Here comes Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael, Isaac, Rebekah, Leah, Esau, Jacob and others. Please read prayerfully and carefully the chapters and answer these questions that we will discuss in our second session next Wednesday:
Who was Abram?
In which verse did his name change and why did his name change?
What was Abram’s new name?
Who was Abram’s wife?
What did God promise Abraham in Chapter 12?
Where did Abraham go to avoid the famine?
What was the first lie that Abraham told and who did he lie to?
Who was Lot and how was he related to Abraham?
Who was Melchizedek?
How was Melchizedek connected to Christ in Psalm 110 and Hebrews 7?
What was Abraham’s inheritance in Chapter 15?
What was the relationship between Sarai and Hagar?
Who was Ishmael?
Who was Isaac and what did God promise about him?
In which verse did Sarai’s name get changed and what was her new name?
In which verse do we find the blessing of Ishmael?
In which verse did Sarah laugh in her heart at God?
Where do we find the well known “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?
What did God say about Abraham and justice in Chapter 18?
What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Why?
What happened between Lot and his daughters after they left Mt Zoar?
What was the second Big Lie Abraham told in Chapter 20?
What happened to Hagar and Ishmael after Isaac was weaned?
How did Isaac become an offering to God?
Where did the name Jehovah-jireh come from and what does it mean?
Where and when did Isaac meet Rebekah? Were they related?
How old was Abraham when he died?
Who were Esau and Jacob?
How did Jacob cheat Esau out of his birthright?
When did God confirm His covenant with Isaac and what was the covenant?
Who convinced Jacob to trick Isaac into giving him Esau’s blessing?
What was “Jacob’s Ladder”?
What happened in the “Love Triangle” between Jacob, Leah and Rachel?
In which verses do we find the birth of Joseph and his name?
What is the Mizpah, and what does it really mean?
WOW! What a dysfunctional family? The characters presented in Genesis Chapters 11-31 represent some of the most intriguing, complicated and strange people in the Bible! Just like today, right? Reflect on these four questions and consider how all this drama would play out today on television, in movies or in Hip Hop music:
Abraham lied at least three times to and about the most important people in his life to show obedience or faith in God. Do you think God would want us to lie to show our obedience to Him? If this happened in a movie today, what would you name it? Who would play Abraham, Sarah and Isaac?
The treatment of Hagar by Sarah seems outrageous by today’s standards but God seemed to approve of this abusive treatment of a servant? Do you think God intended for Hagar to be hurt so bad and Ishmael to pushed out like he was? What do you think a television series with Sarah and Hagar might be called today and who would play Sarah and who would be good as Hagar? Is this just like today’s Soap Operas?
What do you think God was showing about the wicked behavior of the men in Sodom? If the outrageous conduct of the people in Sodom happened today and was put in a movie would it be rated G because it’s from the Bible or PG-13, R, or X Rated?
Esau and Jacob had serious sibling rivalry issues going on! Do you know any twins who act this way or just brothers and sisters who carry like this? If Esau and Jacob’s battles, schemes and lies were put it in a Hip Hop song today would it be in Billboard Top Ten? Who would sing it today?