On January 18, 2012, we review Chapters 32 thru 50. Remember: THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIET WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day!
In week three, we find reconciliations, deceptions, murder and blessings. In these chapters we meet “Joseph the Dreamer” and find out where the name Israel came from. We are also going to learn the origin of the “Twelve Tribes of Israel.” Please read prayerfully and carefully the assigned chapters and answer these questions that we will discuss in our third session next Wednesday:
What does the name Mahanaim mean?
Where was Esau living when Jacob sent his messengers to him?
In which verses did Jacob say his powerful prayer?
What do you think made Jacob’s prayer so powerful and important?
Ever the schemer, what elaborate plans did Jacob make to save himself as he prepared for the reunion with his brother Esau?
Why do you think Jacob was so afraid of what Esau might do to him?
Was Jacob’s fear of Esau justified?
What would you have done to Jacob if you were Esau?
In which verses did Jacob wrestle with “a man” all night?
Jacob thought he was wrestling with God and some Bible experts say he was wrestling with an angel of God. Who do you think Jacob was wrestling? Why?
In which verse did the great reconciliation between Jacob and Esau occur?
What was the symbol of Esau’s forgiveness of Jacob?
What’s up with all this kissing among men in the Old Testament? Why do you think men kissed so much then but refuse to kiss each other now?
In which verse did Jacob build the altar at Bethel? What did Bethel mean?
Who are the twelve sons of Jacob? Where do you find their names?
In which 2 chapters did God change Jacob’s name? To what new name?
In which verse do we see that Esau’s name was changed to Edom?
Where do we see that Israel loved Joseph more than his other sons? Why?
What did Israel give Joseph to show how much he loved him? Which verse? How did Joseph’s brothers react to Israel’s greater love for Joseph?
What were Joseph’s dreams that made his brothers so angry and hateful?
Did Joseph’s dreams about his relationship with his brothers come true?
What did Joseph’s brothers plan to do to him because of their hate? Verses?
Which brother asked the others not to kill Joseph?
Who sold Joseph into slavery? To whom did they sell him?
Who was Potiphar?
Who was Judah? Who were his five sons?
Who was the woman who kept trying unsuccessfully to seduce Joseph?
What do you think his refusal to be seduced said about Joseph’s love of God?
What did the dreams of Pharaoh’s cup bearer (butler) and baker mean?
What did the dreams of Pharaoh mean?
What was the financial advice for Pharaoh in Joseph’s correct interpretation Pharaoh’s dreams?
In which verses do we find the birth of Joseph and his name?
How did God use a famine to show Joseph’s brothers how prosperous he had become in spite of what they had done to him?
Why do you think God blessed Joseph so much?
In which verses did Joseph finally reveal his identity to his brothers?
Why do you think his own brothers did not recognize Joseph?
Why did Jacob (Israel) go down to Egypt? Why was this so important?
How did Jacob bless Joseph’s sons and why was Joseph upset about it?
In Chapter 49, from his deathbed, Jacob gave a specific blessing to each of his sons. What were the blessings that Jacob gave his sons and how did they show what kind of men each of them had been?
In which verse did Joseph give his awesome quote on why he did not take revenge on his brothers? Joseph knew who he was and was not. Do you?
WELL NOW! It took awhile but many of the worse characters in Chapters 32-50 reaped what they sowed. How did you feel about all the killing and raping in these chapters? Compare the actions in these chapters to how things are done today and answers these reflection questions:
In one of the greatest lessons in reconciliation in the whole Bible, Esau forgave Jacob for all of the evil things Jacob had done to him? Do you know family members who feel they have been deeply wounded by another family member who finally forgave? Do you have anyone in your family you need to forgive or someone who needs to forgive you, today? What about in your church family?
Shechem raped Dinah without any sign of remorse. In retaliation, two of Jacob’s sons slaughtered a whole village of men. They also deceived them into being circumcised to make the wholesale murder possible. Why do you think Shechem could rape Dinah and have the nerve to ask to marry her? Were Simeon and Levi justified in killing all of those men because one man, Shechem, raped their sister? What does this say about the danger of an “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”? What did Jesus say about this thinking among Christians in the Sermon on the Mount?
Joseph became a great example of God’s favor and knowing oneself no matter the circumstances. How would you use Joseph’s story to teach our teenagers and remind ourselves of the importance of in the words of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, “not letting where you are change who you are!”?