On January 25, 2012, we review Exodus Chapters 1 thru 19. Remember: THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIET WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day!
In week four, we meet Moses the Law Giver, Israel’s greatest prophet and leader. Exodus is God’s greatest act of salvation in the Old Testament. We will also meet Joshua for the first time. Please read prayerfully and carefully the assigned chapters and answer these questions that we will discuss in our fourth session on Wednesday:
What does the name Exodus mean?
How many of Jacob’s descendants in total were in Egypt in Chapter 1?
What does the name Pharaoh mean?
What do you think was the significance of the words in Chapter 1:8 which say there was a new king of Egypt to “whom Jacob meant nothing” or in King James “which knew not Joseph”?
Why did the new Pharaoh order the enslavement of the Israelites? In which verses?
Why did the new Pharaoh order the midwives to kill all the male babies of the Israelite women when they were born? What were the midwives names?
Why did the midwives disobey Pharaoh’s orders to kill all Hebrew boy babies?
In which verse does the Pharaoh order everyone in Egypt through every Hebrew baby thrown into the river? Which river?
According to Chapter 2, Moses was born to the house of which of Jacob’s sons? In which verse?
How old was Moses when his mother put him in the Nile? Who watched Baby Moses from a distance after his mother put in the Nile? Verses?
Who saved the Baby Moses by having him taken out of the Nile? What was her name?
Where did the name Moses come from? What did it mean? Verse?
Where did Moses run to after he killed an Egyptian and the Pharaoh tried to kill him? What did he do when he got there? How old was Moses then?
Who became Moses’ wife? What was her name and the name of his first son? What did the son’s name mean? What makes us know Moses must have been dark skinned like the Egyptians? Verses?
What was the “burning bush”? What happened after Moses saw the fire within the bush? Who spoke to Moses? What did He say? Verses?
Why did God say he came down to save the Israelites? Verses?
In which verse does God answer Moses’ question about what to say when he is asked by Israelites who sent him? Verses? What does the name mean?
What were the first two signs God showed Moses to use to prove that God, Yahweh send him to the Israelites? Verses?
In Chapter 4:1-17 what were the three excuses Moses gave God for why he couldn’t accept God’s assignment? Which Verses? Have you ever given excuses for not accepting God’s assignments?
How old was Moses when God sent him back to Egypt to free the Israelites?
In which verse did Moses and Aaron give Pharaoh God’s most famous Old Testament command, “Let My People Go!”?
What famous order did Pharaoh give as vicious response to Moses and Aaron for delivering God’s command? Verses?
What did God tell Moses after Pharaoh’s retaliation against the slaves caused them confront Moses which made Moses confront God? Verses?
What did Moses say was the reason Pharaoh would not listen to him if he went back to Pharaoh to deliver God’s second command to “Let My People Go”? What God say to Moses to solve his problem? Verses?
What did Aaron do to show Pharaoh the power of God? How did Pharaoh respond?
Because of Pharaoh’s stubborn refusal to obey God’s command to let His people go, God sent 10 plagues on Egypt. Can you name the plagues in order of 1 thru 10 with no more than four words for each plague? Which Verses? Who was the woman who kept trying unsuccessfully to seduce Joseph?
What was Passover? In which verses do you see the start of the first Passover?
Why was the “Feast of Unleavened Bread” also held during Passover?
In which verse does the Exodus begin? The Egyptians were so glad to see the Israelites leave, they give the Israelites everything they asked for. What did the Egyptians give the Israelites?
In Chapter 13:19 Moses took the bones of Joseph with him to honor Joseph’s request to take his bones out of Egypt. Where in the Old Testament did Joseph make this request? See Genesis Chapter 50.
In which verses do we see that Pharaoh changed his mind, again, about freeing the slaves and decided to go after the Israelites as they marched and caught them trapped against the Red Sea?
When Pharaoh got close enough for the Israelites to see the marching Egyptians, they panicked and said they wished Moses had left them in slavery in Egypt! What lesson can we learn from God’s directives to Moses in Chapter 14:31?
In Chapter 14:33 after seeing God’s great power against the Egyptians, the Israelites said they had put their trust in God and Moses. Yet a month later in 16:2 they started to “grumble” against Moses again for food and even said they would have been better off dead in Egypt! Do know anyone today like these Israelites who quickly forget about the goodness of the Lord? Have you ever done the same thing?
In Chapter 17 unbelievably the Israelites started complaining again and this time frustrated Moses so much he cried out to God! What did God have Moses to do with his staff for to answer these complaining people one more time?
35. In Chapter 17:8 we meet Joshua for the first time in Scripture as he is called on by Moses to go fight the Amalekites who had attacked Israel. Who were the Amalekites?
36. While Joshua fought the Amalekites, Moses took his “staff of God” to the top of a hill, where with the help of Aaron and Hur he showed the power of God. What do you think God is showing us in Chapter 17:12-13 about how Aaron and Hur helped Moses to hold up the staff of God with tired arms.
37. After Joshua defeated the Amalekites, Moses built an altar to God and named it in the King James Jehova-Nissi. What does Jehova-Nissi mean?
38. In which verses does Jethro give his son-in-law Moses great advice about sharing leadership roles? How would you use this Scripture to show leaders in the church that they should share the workload with other leaders?
Do you think Chapter 12:36 shows that God believes in reparations as payment for slavery?
How does Moses great commandment to the Israelites in Chapter 13:3-10 remind you of why we have “Watchnight Service” every year?