On February 22, 2012, we review Leviticus Chapters 20 thru 27 and Numbers Chapters 1-5. Remember: THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIET WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day!
In Week Seven, we finish our study of the Book of Leviticus. We will review the punishments of many sins, rules for Priests, instructions for sacrifices, feasts and festivals, the Sabbath and the Year of Jubilee. We also learn the final instructions God gave to Moses as the Israelites start to prepare for their march to the Promised Land.
In the first five chapters in the Book of Numbers Our we learn why the book has its name, how much the Israelites had grown and who was in charge of each tribe. We will see interesting ways God instructed the Israelites to take a census of their members.
Please read prayerfully and carefully the assigned chapters and answer these questions that we will discuss in our sixth session on Wednesday:

  1. In the beginning of Leviticus 20, God forbade child sacrifice to be made to which idol god?
  2. Can you name at least five other sins that are punishable by death in Chapter 20?
  3. In Leviticus 20:10 it says that when a man commits adultery with a married woman then both the man and woman would be put to death. So why do you think that in John 8:1-11 the teachers of the law and the Pharisees only brought woman who was caught in adultery to Jesus to be stoned to death?
  4. Since Leviticus 20:13 only said homosexual relationships between two men was sin, do you think it also applied to women?
  5. Leviticus 21:1 thru 22:16 cover the rules for the Priesthood. Which priests did verses 1-9 give the rules for? How do you know which priests?
  6. Who was the High Priest?
  7. Can you name the 11 appointed feasts and sacred assemblies and where they are in the Scriptures that God gave to Moses in Leviticus Chapters 23 thru 25?
  8. Can you summarize what was the Sabbath?
  9. Can you summarize what was the Passover?
  10. Can you summarize what was the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
  11. Can you summarize what was the Feast of the Firstfruits?
  12. Can you summarize what was the Feast of Weeks?
  13. Can you summarize what was the Feast of Trumpets?
  14. Can you summarize what was the Day of Atonement?
  15. Can you summarize what was the Feast of Tabernacles?
  16. Can you summarize what was the Sacred Assembly?
  17. Can you summarize what was the Sabbath Year?
  18. Can you summarize what was the Year of Jubilee?
  19. Why do you think some Evangelical Christians & Black Baptist Christians today want us to obey certain Levitical degrees but not others such as the Year of Jubilee?
  20. The Book of Numbers begins with the Children of Israel getting prepared for their march to Canaan or the “Promised Land.” What does Numbers mean?
  21. What are the Greek and Hebrew words for the Book of Numbers?
  22. A popular Bible quote from 1 Corinthians 14:40 says “Let all things be done decently and in order” How does Numbers 1:1-16 show that God believes in order?
  23. Where was Moses when God spoke to him about taking a census of the Israelites?
  24. How long had the Israelites been out of Egypt when God ordered the census?
  25. Which two sons of Israel (Jacob) were not named in the census order? Why?
  26. Who was to be counted and at what age?
  27. What special duties were given to the Levites? What were they in charge of?