On March 14, 2012, we review Deuteronomy Chapters 1 thru 26. Remember: THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIET WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day!
In this our tenth week, we will read and discuss some of Moses’ awesome sermons and powerful messages in the first 26 chapters of Deuteronomy. The beginning of Deuteronomy could be called the “Look Where He Brought Us From” section of the Old Testament. The rest of these assigned chapters will present important commandments of God and essential decrees from Moses on how Israel was to conduct itself when it finally got into the Promised Land.
Please read prayerfully and carefully the assigned chapters and answer these questions that we will discuss in our third session next Wednesday:
1.       What does the name Deuteronomy mean?
2.       Do you think Deuteronomy is a book of one long sermon by Moses or several sermons? Why?
3.       Why was it so important that Moses repeat the story of their liberation from the Egyptians, their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, and God’s commandments to the Israelites at that time, in Deuteronomy?
4.       What did Moses preach about in Chapters 1 thru 3 of Deuteronomy?
5.       In Chapter 4 what three very important commands did Moses give the Israelites?
6.       What do you think the phrase “the LORD is God” means? Why was it so true for the Israelites?
7.       What were the names of the “cities of refuge” that Moses set aside?
8.       What was the purpose of those “cities of refuge”?
9.       In which chapter and verses did Moses give the Ten Commandments all over again?
10.   In which chapter and verses does Moses give the “greatest commandment”?
11.   Who called this the “greatest commandment”?
12.   Where in two of the Gospels does Jesus also quote this greatest commandment with one very important addition?
13.   What makes Jesus’ addition to the greatest commandment so important?
14.   In Chapter 6:6-9, Moses gave the Israelites critically important instructions on teaching their children “how they got over!” What do you think is the importance of these instructions for Christian parents today?
15.   In Chapter 6:10-25 Moses gave the Israelites the basic rules on how to handle prosperity. What do you think God was telling the Israelites through Moses that is so different than the so-called “Prosperity Gospel” and the “name it and claim it” message some preachers declared a few years ago?
16.   In Chapter 7 Moses is telling the Israelites that through the LORD’s power they will drive out stronger and larger nations. Why is Moses’ message in Verses 7 & 8 so important to keep the Israelites from getting the “big head”?
17.   In Chapter 8 Moses warned the Israelites to follow every command of God and never forget it was the LORD who freed them. Why do you think God had to keep reminding the Israelites not to forget Him?
18.   In which verses in Chapter 9 did Moses remind the Israelites again that it was not their goodness or righteousness that made God choose them as His covenant people?
19.   What is the meaning of the phrase “a stiff-necked people”?
20.   In Chapters 12 thru 26 Moses gives the Israelites specific codes, decrees and laws for them to live by in the Promised Land. Why do you think this code of  specific laws were necessary at that time for the Israelites?
21.   What important message does Moses give the Israelites in Chapter 12 about the place of worship in the Promise Land?
22.   Who would select the place of worship in the Promise Land?
23. In Chapter 13 what did Moses decree against the worship of other gods?
24. In Chapter 14:22-29 Moses preaches on tithing. There are at least seven reasons Moses gives in these verses to support tithing can you name three?
25. Were you surprised that in Chapter 23:15 among the miscellaneous laws   Moses gave directions that run-away slaves must be given refuge by the Israelites. Do you think the slaveholders during slavery in South Carolina and other slave states in America who called themselves Christians ever read or understood Deuteronomy 23:15?
26. In Matthew 19:7-9, some Pharisees asked Jesus about a decree from Moses about divorce found in which verses in Deuteronomy Chapter 24?Why do you think Moses authorized a divorce certificate in these verses?
1. What did you get from Laws of Moses in Deuteronomy 24 and 25 about justice? What did God say through Moses about slavery, punishment fitting the crime and treating prisoners and the accused with decency and respect? I preach often that God is the God of justice, do you see any of God’s desire for justice for His chosen people in these chapters?