On April 11, 2012, we resume our Bible Study with very familiar names like Gideon, Samson, Naomi and Ruth. Although these names are well known, their stories are not always understood. The time period of the Judges was one of critical transition for the Israelites and preparation for much tribulation to follow. THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIET WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day!
We are now in week thirteen and we see the utter failure of the Nation of Israel to fulfill the promise of the Promised Land! In these Chapters we meet heroes, heroines, murderers and wars, wars, and wars! We found ourselves asking the question “what were they thinking?” Before we finish the Book of Ruth, we will get the answer!
Please read prayerfully and carefully the assigned chapters and answer these questions that we will discuss in our session tomorrow:
1. How many Judges did the LORD appoint to save Israel in the Book of Judges?
2. Give us the names of the Judges that the LORD appointed in the Book of Judges?
3. Who was Gideon? What did his name mean? What is the name of the international Christian organization named for Gideon and what do they do?
4. What were the surprising instructions the LORD gave Gideon to fight the Midianites?
5. How many men did Gideon start out with to go fight the Midianites?
6. What test did the LORD give the men who were with Gideon to reduce their number? Why do you think the LORD used this strange test? What did it prove?
7. What was the Ephraimites complaint against Gideon in Judges Chapter 8?
8. Who became the ruler of Israel after the death of Gideon? How was he related to Gideon? What trickery did he use to become the ruler of Israel? Why was he NOT considered one of Judges of Israel?
9. Who were the two minor judges named in Judges Chapter 10?
10. Who was the judge that defeated the Ammonites?
11. Who were the Philistines? What made them so powerful?
12. Who was Samson? What did he have in common with John the Baptist?
13. Name two things that the LORD gave Samson strength to do that made Samson a great hero of Israel?
14. What number judge was Samson in the Book of Judges?
15. Samson was very strong but he was also very weak. What was his weakness?
16. Who was Samson’s first wife?
17. What was the riddle that Samson gave at his wedding that made the Philistines so upset because they could not solve it?
18. What is the meaning of the word “feast” in “wedding feast” in Judges Chapter 14?
19. Who was Delilah? How did she get Samson to tell the secret of his strength? What did you learn from Judges 16:13-14 about how Samson wore his hair that is similar to how some of our men wear their hair today?
20. How did Samson regain his strength? How did he finally defeat the Philistines?
21. In Judges Chapters 17-21 we see the complete collapse of Israel. The people of God had become a disgrace to the LORD. What phrase is repeated in Chapters 17, 18, 19 and 21 that summarized the spiritual destruction of Israel? In which verses do we find this phrase?
22. What do you think the writer of the Book of Judges was saying about Israel’s future when the statement in Judges Chapter 17:6 was repeated three more times?
23. What was a concubine?
24. There are very troubling scenes in Judges Chapter 19:22-28 that showed not only the wickedness of some of the men of Gibeah but also the terrible treatment of women. What was so disturbing in this section of Chapter 19?
25. If what the wicked men wanted to do to the Levite visitor of the old man’s house was described as a “disgraceful thing,” how would you describe what the old man offered to allow the wicked men to do to his own daughter and the Levite’s concubine?
26. In the Book of Ruth, who was Naomi? Who was Ruth? How were they related?
27. Although the Book of Ruth has only four chapters, it provides a powerful and positive contrast to the worth of women versus their treatment in the Book Judges. How would you describe the major differences of the conduct and treatment of the women in the Book of Ruth versus the Book of the Judges?
28. Who was Boaz and why do you think he was so important to the future of Israel?
When you reflect on how women were treated in the Book of Judges, we must admit that women are treated much better today. But do you think we have come as far as we should in the treatment of women in today’s church and society?
By the end of the Book of Judges we are amazed at the disobedience of God’s chosen people the Israelites. As God’s chosen people today, are we any better than the Israelites in Judges? What advantage do you think we have over them?