On October 24, 2012, we will study the Book of Ezekiel.
Remember: THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIEST WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day!
Here in week thirty-nine, we will read and understand Ezekiel. Please read and prepare to discuss the answers to the following questions:
Who was Ezekiel?
How old was Ezekiel when he was taken captive to Babylon?
Name some of the things Ezekiel saw in his vision.
In Chapter 2, how was Ezekiel referred to by God?
What was the message that Ezekiel received from the Spirit?
In Chapter 3:1, what did Ezekiel eat? What did this symbolize?
From Ezekiel Chapters 4-15, there are prophecies against Judah and Jerusalem. Can you name some of them?
What foreign nations did Ezekiel prophesy against in Chapters 25-29?
Pastor Rivers preached a sermon back in 2009 titled “Man Up” taken from Ezekiel Chapter 22. What was the verse?
In Chapter 33, it talks about the watchman. What is a watchman for the Lord?
If the watchman does not do his job, what will happen to him and the people?
In Chapter 34, Ezekiel was told to prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. What was the prophecy and is it still relevant today?
Who is the Good shepherd? What does the Good shepherd do for his sheep?
Many sermons have been preached from Chapter 37. What is the title of Chapter 37?
Who was God referring to as dry bones?
God asked Ezekiel, “Can these bones live”? What was Ezekiel response?
What happened when Ezekiel prophesied to the bones?
Chapter’s 40-48 talks about the restoration of Israel. What are some of the events that will take place?