On November 21, 2012, we will continue our study of the New Testament by reading the Gospels of Luke and John. A good study of the third and fourth Gospels will give important details about our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. first two books in the New Testament will give us a better understanding of their major points.
Remember: THREE-A-DAY IS THE EASIEST WAY! There are 1,189 Chapters in the Bible and to read the whole Bible in 52 Weeks, one must read an average of 3.25 Chapters every day!
Here in week forty-two, we will also learn how these two books were written to different audiences for a common purpose: “to know more about Jesus1” Please read these books and answer the following questions:
Who was Luke? What was his profession?
Answer: He was a Gentile and “co-worker” with the Apostle Paul and a physician. Philemon 24 “So do Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke, my co-workers.” NLT and Colossians 4:14 “Luke, the beloved doctor, sends his greetings, and so does Demas.” NLT
To whom did Luke write his Gospel? Luke is also the author of what other major New Testament book? Was he one of Jesus’ first twelve disciples?
Answer: Luke wrote his Gospel to the Theophilus and the Gentiles (non-Jews) and Luke also wrote Acts. Luke was NOT one of the twelve disciples. Luke also says in
The Gospel of Luke is divided into four sections; can you name them?
Answer: The Gospel of Luke is divided in these four sections:
Section 1 – Introduction of the Son of Man: Luke 1-4:13
Section 2 – The ministry of the Son of Man: Luke 4:14-9:50
Section 3 – The rejection of the Son of Man: 9:51 – 19:27
Section 4 – The Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Son of Man: 19:28-24:53
Who were Zechariah and Elizabeth in Gospel of Luke?
Answer: Zechariah was a priest and his wife Elizabeth was a descendant of Aaron and was unable to have children. They became the parents of John the Baptist.
Where was Zechariah when the angel appeared to him? Who was the angel? What did this angel say and what was Zechariah’s response?
Answer: The angel Gabriel (Luke 1:19) appeared to Zechariah in the temple on the right side of the altar. Amazingly this was the only time in Zechariah’s life he was going to burn incense in the temple! (Luke 1:8-9) The angel told Zechariah that God heard his prayer for a child and that his wife Elizabeth would bear him a son. Zechariah didn’t believe Gabriel because Zechariah thought he was told old produce a child. Gabriel told Zechariah would be unable to speak until his son was born because Zechariah did not believe the good news from God!
What was Zechariah’s son’s name? How did the son get his name?
Answer: The son’s name was John and he was the John the Baptist. Zechariah’s gave his son the name John when God opened his mouth after he saw his son.
What five promises did the angel Gabriel make about the baby Jesus? Where do you find them in Luke? Answer: Luke 1:32-33
1. He will be great.
2. He will be called the Son of the Most High
3. He will be given the throne of His father David.
4. He will reign over the house of Jacob forever.
5. His kingdom will never end.
How old was the prophet Anna when Jesus was born? How do you know?
Answer: We don’t know but she was at least 100 years old because according to Luke 2:36-37 she was married seven years and a widow for 84 years.
How was old Jesus when we last see in Luke as a boy?
Answer: According to Luke 2:41-42 Jesus was 12 when he when he stayed behind his family in Jerusalem.
10. In
Luke 3:7-9, John preached a convicting word to those coming to be baptized and even called them a “brood of vipers.” What did he mean by this harsh description of them? I have not heard many sermons about John’s message demanding justice but it is right there in Chapter 3. Where in Chapter 3 do we see John preaching about doing justice?
Answer: John was calling the Pharisees in the crowd a “brood of vipers” because they were self righteousness religious leaders who did not believe and he compared to snakes who slither out of the woods when there is a fire! In Chapter 3:10-17 John challenged greedy to share their wealth, demanded that the rich provide clothing for the poor, told tax collectors to be fair in taxation (Romney hear me!), told the police not to extort money or falsely accuse the innocent (racial profiling!). John was on a roll for justice!
After Jesus is baptized by John, we find Jesus’ genealogy in Luke 3:23-38. Why do you think Luke included this long genealogy? What is different about the Luke’s genealogy and the genealogy of Matthew 1:1-17?
Answer: Luke was making the point that Jesus had the DNA of his mother Mary was also a descendant of King David which was required for Jesus to be the promised Messiah. The Matthew genealogy started with Abraham and came down to Jesus while the Luke genealogy starts with Jesus goes back to Adam.
Where in Luke 4 does Jesus give his mission statement?
Answer: In Luke 4:18-21 Jesus quoted Isaiah 61:1-2 with one major difference from 61:2. In Isaiah 61:2 it speaks about the Lord’s vengeance but in Luke 4:19 Jesus ends by speaking about the Lord’s favor.
Where in Luke Chapter 6 do we see two instances of Jesus having a conflict over activity on the Sabbath? What do you think was Jesus message about how the Pharisees had changed the true meaning of the Sabbath?
Answer: In Luke 6:1-5 Jesus’ disciples picked heads of grain and ate them on the Sabbath and in Luke 6:6-11 Jesus healed a man with a withered hand in synagogue! Jesus was showing the Pharisees that the humans were not made for the Sabbath but rather the Sabbath was made for humans. In short Jesus showed that as God he had authority over the Sabbath. The Sabbath cannot be more holy than God!!
Luke is said to be the “Gospel of the women” and in Luke 7 we Jesus treating another woman as though she was important which upset the Pharisees. Recently Pastor Rivers preached about such an encounter between Jesus and a woman in Chapter 7. Do you remember the name of the sermon that Pastor Rivers preached about this woman and Jesus?
Answer: Luke 7:36-50. Pastor Rivers sermon was “Take Me to the King” from the song by Tamela Mann.
Where in Luke does Jesus “Feed the Five Thousand”? Why do you think this miracle was so important to Jesus and his disciples?
Answer: This showed Jesus compassion for the people who were different! They were not from there or they would not have been in the field but Jesus told the disciples to feed them anyway. Another important question was why were almost 10, 000 people out in the field hungry? Because people in Palestine were very poor! Also Jesus was showing his disciples that there would be times when you would only have to depend on God!
Where in Luke does Jesus give the “model prayer.”? This prayer is often called the “Lord’s Prayer” but what should it really be called?
Answer: Luke 11:2-4 is the model prayer. It should really be called the Disciples Prayer because Jesus was teaching his disciples to use that prayer.
Who was Zaccheaus and what was so amazing about Jesus’ visit with him?
Answer: Zaccheaus was a hated tax collector who had cheated the people! Clearly he violated what John the Baptist had warned against. Yet Jesus spent the night at his house. Amazingly an encounter with Jesus made Zaccheaus give restitution to all those who had taken money from! Where are the banks now!