On January 2, 2013, we will complete our year-long assignment to study the whole Bible in one year. We will finish strong with our lesson on Revelation! Yes, we did it!!
We have gone through the 1,189 Chapters that make up the Bible! All those who made this journey with us should have a deeper understanding about God’s word and how it is relevant to your life, today. Now you know first-hand the awesome power of God’s word!
Here in week one of 2013, we will study the Book of Revelation which is final book of the New Testament. Please read this critically important book before Wednesday. We are expecting a wonderful time in the Lord! Please answer the following questions:

  1. Who wrote the Book of Revelation? Please choose one.
    1. John who wrote the Gospel of John
    2. John who wrote 1 John, 2 John and 3 John
    3. John the Elder


  1. Revelation has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misrepresented for years because it is written in an apocalyptic style. What is the apocalyptic style of writing?


  1. The Book of Revelation has at times been called Revelations. Why do you think it is incorrect to call the Book of Revelation, Revelations?


  1. In Revelation 1:5 Jesus is called “the faithful witness.” What do you think John meant by this description of theSavior?


  1. Where in Revelation Chapter 1, do we find one of the few physical descriptions of Jesus the Christ in the whole Bible that clearly contradicts the Italian looking image of Jesus we have seen in many of our Bibles and churches?


  1. Name the seven churches to whom John was told to send his message?


  1. Can you give a one sentence summary of the message to each of those churches?


  1. In Chapter 4, John says he saw “Heaven’s Door” and entered the door in spirit. In heaven he had an incredible vision of the heavenly throne which had nearby 24 elders seated on 24 thrones. What do you think these 24 elders symbolize?


  1. Along with the 24 elders in Chapter 4, there are also four living creatures with six wings each. What do these four creatures look like and what do you think they symbolize?


  1. In Chapter 5, we meet Jesus on the throne as the lamb and lion. What do you think John means when he callsJesus the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah?”


  1. When the angel cried out loud that no one was worthy to open the scroll (Bible) that had seven seals, one of the 24elders said someone could open the seals. Who was it that the elder said could open the seals?


  1. In Chapter 6, the Lamb opened seven seals. What kind of living creature came out of the first four seals? What did their colors symbolize?


  1. What happened when the Lamb opened Seals 5 and 6?


  1. When the seventh seal was opened, something awesome and powerful happened in heaven. What was it?


  1. In Chapter 8 we have seven trumpets and before that we saw seven seals on the scroll and seven churches in Asia. What does the number 7 symbolize?


  1. Why do you think the angel told John to eat the small scroll? What do you think was meant when John was told that the small scroll will taste like honey in his mouth but would be sour in his stomach?


  1. When we get to Chapters 12-14 we realize that these events really happened before the events in Chapter 1. Who does the pregnant woman in Chapter 12 represent and who is the Son she gave birth to?


  1. Who does the dragon in Chapter 12 represent? Who are the woman’s other children, attacked by the dragon,represent?


  1. What do you think was going on with Jesus when the war broke out in heaven between the archangel Michael and the dragon? What happened to dragon in this heavenly war?


  1. Who does the beast from the sea in Chapter 13 symbolize?


  1. Who does the beast from the land symbolize? What does number 666 represent in Chapter 13? What is the name of the man represented by that number? Did you know that the exact quote about the mark of the beast was really a man’s name?


  1. Who were the 144,000 spoken of in Chapter 14? What was their mark or seal?


  1. What did the seven bowls of God’s wrath symbolize in Chapter 16?


  1. Which nation was symbolized by the “great prostitute” in Chapter 17?


  1. Who is the “new Babylon” in Chapter 18?


  1. Who was the “Faithful and True” rider on the white horse in Chapter 19?


  1. How would you explain to one of our teenagers the meaning of the 1,000-year imprisonment of Satan which also represents the 1,000-year reign of Jesus?


  1. Who are the dead being judged in the judgments in Chapter 20? What are the first and second resurrections?


  1. What are the new heaven and earth talked about in Chapter 21? What did Jesus say in the Gospels that warned us that this old heaven and earth will one day pass away?


  1.  In Chapter 22 Jesus says three times that “I am coming soon!” John and the other writers took Jesus literally and expected the Second Coming to arrive a long time ago. Many have used Chapter 21-22 to predict the end of the world and they have been wrong EVERY TIME! What do you think Jesus meant by “I am coming soon”? Which Bibleverses would you use to help your children and our members understand the warning from Jesus on our disobedience every time we try to predict his return?