MARK 1:21-31 AND LUKE 4:31-39

On August 3, 2016 we will look at the third and fourth miracles of the 37 Miracles of Jesus. We will again answer the question: what does this miracle mean? Please read Mark 1:21-31 and Luke 4:31-39 and answer the following questions:
1. Which day of the week did Jesus teach in the synagogue according to Mark 1:21?
2. In Mark 1:22 the text says the people were “amazed” at the teaching of Jesus. What do you think was so amazing about Jesus’ teaching in this case?
3. Who were the Scribes or teachers of the law referred to in Mark 1:22?
4. Why do you think that in Mark 1:22 it says that Jesus’ teaching had a different and greater authority as compared to the Scribes or teachers of the law?
5. How does Mark 1:23 shows how awesome Jesus’ authority was and is?
6. Why do you think Jesus told the demon inside the man to “be quiet!”?
7. What do you think this cry out from the demon-possessed man in the synagogue (church) meant then? Do you recall a time when someone yelled out in church with words from Satan?
8. What did Jesus do to further amaze the people in this Scripture and make them spread the news about him all over that part of the world?
9. There was another miracle inside this miracle; do you know what it was?
10. In which verses in Mark 1 and Luke 4 do we see Jesus moving onto heal to Peter’s mother-in-law?
11. When Jesus went to heal Peter’s mother-in-law how do we know that Peter lived near the Capernaum synagogue? Who else lived in the house with Peter and his wife?
12. Who else was with Jesus when he went to Simon’s house to heal Peter’s mother-in-law?
13. What do you think was the miracle inside this miracle the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law?
14. How do we know that Peter’s mother-in-law was healed instantly by Jesus?
15. If Peter was still called Simon in this miracle, was he Jesus’ disciple, yet?
16. Please read Luke 5:1-11 and explain why you think Jesus worked with his first four disciples awhile before they became full time disciples or “sold out” disciples?