Please Read: Mark 11:15-19, Mark 13:1-2, Matthew 23:16-28 & Micah Chapter 3

Last week, in our first look at the “Politics of Jesus” we saw some of the political strategies of Jesus. We focused on Jesus as the “Messiah and Tactician” by studying the first of his seven political strategies which is “Treat the People’s Needs as Holy.” Today we study Strategy Two, “Give Voice to the Voiceless.”

Please read the Mark, Matthew and Micah texts aloud to prepare to show where you can find the places in our study verses that show the elements of Jesus’ strategy and goals as he gave voice to those who were voiceless:

AS A STRATEGY, Jesus was giving a voice to the voiceless through his demonstration at the Temple. This demonstration had several elements. Please tell us where you see these elements in the verses we are studying and write down the verses that you think match these elements.

1) confronting those in power at the seat of their power to discredit their authority.

2) symbolically occupying the seat of power to discredit the myth of its invincibility.

3) maintaining control of the site long enough to be perceived as an actual challenge to the authorities’ power

4) making all actions, gestures, and pronouncements dramatic enough to capture the people’s imagination

5) leaving the site unscathed, when possible, as an inspiring show of strength

The strategic goals of Jesus’ demonstration at the Temple are below. Can you write the scriptures that we have read that shows these goals of Jesus?

a. to highlight abuses

b. to validate the people’s complaints

c. to invalidate the legitimacy of those in authority

d. to empower the people by demystifying the authority’s power