Startup: What is the most fulfilling accomplishment you can recall having completed?
1. As best as you can, walk your way through the events of this chapter as if you were Jesus Himself, feeling what He felt, seeing what He saw, hearing what He heard. Describe to one another the sensations that come to your imagination.
2. Look at the following brief passages in chapters 18 and 19, and for each one, explain what you think Pilate was trying to do—18:31,38-39; 19:1-4, and 19:14-15.
3. For background on Jesus’ silence in verse 9, look together at the prophecy in Isaiah 53:7.
4. In the three words Jesus spoke in verse 30, what do you think the word “it” refers to, and why?
5. Think again of the statement about Jesus in John 1:18. From what you see in chapter 19, what is God like?
6. EYE FOR DETAIL—From what you recall seeing in this chapter, try answering the following question without looking at your Bible: As recorded in this chapter, what are the final words of Jesus spoken from the cross? (See verse 30.)
7. Imagine you are Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor in Jerusalem, and you are living when the events described in this chapter take place. What thoughts and questions in your mind would cause the fear which is spoken of in verse 8?
8. In what ways, if any, would you say this chapter is a good illustration of basic human nature?
9. If you had only this chapter in Scripture to refer to, how would you use it to help show someone that Jesus is truly God?
10. No one is trying to physically crucify us today—but what does Jesus’ example in this chapter mean personally for your life?
11. Of the most important events and truths in this chapter, which do you think are the easiest for Christians to forget about?
With the events of this chapter fresh in your mind, look back at the words of Jesus in 10:17-18, indicating His willingness to give His life for the world. Then look together at these other verses in John, and make a list together of what Jesus can give or has given to us—4:10; 5:21; 6:27,51; 13:34; 14:27; 17:14, and 17:22.
(from The Complete Bible Discussion Guide: New Testament, © 1992 by Questar Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.)

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