Startup: Practically speaking, what would you say is the most important thing you have to do in the time you have remaining on earth?
1. As you read this chapter, what’s the strongest impression or image which it leaves in your mind?
2. What one-word adjectives would best describe Mary Magdalene as you see her in this chapter? What one-word descriptions would you give for Thomas as you see him here?
3. How would you explain verses 30-31 to a young child?
4. Think again of the statement about Jesus in John 1:18. From what you see in chapter 20, what is God like?
5. EYE FOR DETAIL— Try answering the following question without looking at your Bible: After Jesus showed Himself to Thomas, what did Thomas call Him? (See verse 28.)
6. What are the major lessons this chapter teaches about faith?
7. In verses 19 and 21, why do you think Jesus spoke the words “Peace be with you” to His disciples?
8. How could you use verses 24-29 to help an unsaved friend who said he needed more proof about Christ before he could believe in Him?
9. How could you use verses 30-31 to help a new Christian understand the value of the Scriptures?
10. How fully can you define and describe the “life” John speaks of in the final phrase in this chapter?
11. Immediately after the events of this chapter, if you talked with the disciple Thomas and asked him to define the word faith, how do you think he would have answered?
12. If you had only this chapter in Scripture to refer to, how would you use it to help show someone that Jesus is truly God?
13. Look at each statement Jesus makes in verses 21-23. Then imagine you’re one of the disciples in the locked room when Jesus appeared. What thoughts and questions would go through your mind as you heard each of the things which Jesus said?
14. Look again at the two things which Thomas called Jesus in verse 28. How would you define what it means to you personally to call Jesus those two things?
15. With the words of verse 31 in mind, how has this study of John deepened your faith, even though you may have been a believer in Christ Jesus for a long time?
16. Think again about verse 31. Then identify together the kinds of people in your community whom you would say probably know the least about the living Lord Jesus Christ. What else are these people like? What do they do in daily life? Where do they live? Now imagine God has brought you together with a small group of these people, and in this meeting they indicate a genuine desire to understand who Jesus is and what He has done. From what you have seen in the gospel of John, what are the most important things you would want to communicate to them, and how would you word it?
Analyze the importance of Jesus’ resurrection as you think together about this chapter, and about these supporting passages: Rom 4:25; 1 Cor 15:17, and Rev 1:18.
(from The Complete Bible Discussion Guide: New Testament, © 1992 by Questar Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.)

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