FEBRUARY 10, 2010


Please read the handout CHAPTER XI, STEWARDSHIP and, answer the following questions and bring them to our next Bible Study.
What are some words to describe the Christian steward?”

What are three things implied by the idea of stewardship?
Which scripture shows how human beings are God’s Stewards?
Which Scripture in the New Testament describe the responsibility of human beings to become good stewards for God?
Which Old Testament Scriptures show the responsibility human beings have to be God’s Stewards?
Name the three words that start with T that make up the trilogy of stewardship?
What are the three words that start with S that up the trilogy of stewardship?
Following the example of the Wise Men, what are Christians supposed to do before giving their treasures and gifts to God?
What is the “Sacred Tenth?”
Which Scripture has the first record of tithing?
Which verses in the Old Testament Book Malachi describe how a person can rob God?
In which New Testament Scripture does Jesus give his approval of tithing?
Describe how tithing is just a part of stewardship?
Did you fill out the Stewardship Survey? What do the results say about the kind of steward you are?
What is the “Great Commission?”
Which New Testament Scriptures say that Christians are witnesses for Jesus?

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