Bible Study Reverend Nelson B. Rivers,
Bible Study 101On Wednesday evenings ,our Adult Bible Study is a time of fellowship, prayer, and spiritual study. All adults from young to seniors are welcomed. We gather together to fellowship and pray for needs among our congregation, our state, country and our World. We offer an interactive Bible study and discussion about the Holy Scriptures. At times we will study current Christian authors and/or current justice issues/events. We invite you to join us for fellowship, and a time where we can grow closer in our walk with the Lord.Reverend Rossilind Daniels 
Book ClubTo enhance the spiritual, social and personal consciousness of participants through the reading and discussion of literature from various genres.Sister Roslyn
CAJMCharity Baptist Church is a member congregation of The Charleston Area Justice Ministry—CAJM—which is a growing network of Faith Based Congregations who are culturally, economically, geographically and religiously diverse. CAJM come together to make the Charleston area a more just place to live. CMBC works with other CAJM member congregations to empower marginalized people in our communities. This is accomplished by conducting research, education and then publicly addressing the root causes of, and solutions to, poverty and injustice in our communities.Jamilah
Child CareThis ministry is a unique opportunity to influence the thoughts, emotions and spirituality of our youngest minds. The nursery is open to ages XX-XX on Sundays and special services as directed by the Superintendent and/or Pastor. We believe that a child is never too young to hear the Word of God. In a powerful way, we strive to educate and equip children with God’s Word. Furthermore, we lay the foundation for God’s groundwork through Bible stories, arts and crafts, songs, simple skits and role playing.Sister Sharon Manigaultpassion605@yahoo.c
Children’s ChurchTo teach the word of God and spiritual disciplines (scripture reading, prayer, and worship) in an age appropriate and relevant manner; thus guiding children to experience the joy of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ“Sister Cheryl Walden Sister Jeane’ Robinson”“”
Christian DebutantesTo provide a variety of interactive, informative workshops, service learning opportunities and engaging small group experiences to prepare adolescent girls for their transition into womanhood through mirroring characteristics of Christ in all aspects of their lives, including spiritual, social and personal conduct  
Church SignProvides the church’s weekly information and upcoming eventsDeaconess Carol D.
Deacons Deacon Ladine Daniels, Sr. 
DeaconessTo support and enhance the work of the Deacons, offer leadership, understanding, love and concern for others, serve the members of the Church and the community through outreach programs, assist the sick and shut-in, and prepare communionDeaconess Jerry Dean
Economic EmpowermentSearch for business opportunities and acquire various properties such as land, houses, etc. where the Church may realize a profit.Deacon Levy
Evangelism“The Evangelism Ministry is a group called as followers of Christ to share His message of hope and love, leading others to a life-changing relationship with Him. Christ calls us to share His promise of eternal love in and outside of the church, so that others can do the same. The commission proclaims the gospel and salvation of Jesus Christ – both within and outside the church – so that those who are lost will be found and those who are saved will be convicted and transformed to do greater works.”
Fulfillment Hour Superintendent Cheryl
GreetersTo show love and kindness to visitors who worship with Charity Missionary Baptist Church their first time or if they have been with us before.Sister Wanda
Health and WellnessTo edify lives by providing information, resources, health fairs or other programs that will increase knowledge and enhance awareness about what it takes to keep God’s temple healthy. This ministry will also serve as first time responders in the event that medical attention is required until emergency responders arriveDeaconess Jennifer
H.E.L.P.To help students, who are active members of Charity Missionary Baptist Church, achieve academic excellence utilizing the holistic approach with the assistance of the church. Encourage parental and community involvement in student academic achievement through increased parental awareness and understanding of available community resources; and, meet the educational needs of students from primary to High School in a Godly environment.Deaconess Shirley
HospitalityResponsible for extending a formal welcome and extending a formal welcome and recognizing visitors every Sunday during the morning worship services and to read formal “thank you” cards and some announcements.Sister Vickie Stuckey 
Intercessory Ministry“The purpose of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to pray for those in need and those that request prayer. Members of this ministry are sincere, serious, on one-accord with clear hearts and minds. Prayers are sent up on behalf of the sick, mentally challenged, those falling on hard luck, teens, marriages, and any other situation on a local, state and national level. The mission of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to build disciples to win the world for Christ through the power of praying together. This ministry is committed to fostering a greater emphasis on personal and corporate prayer in the life of the believer and our church. We realize that prayer undergirds every aspect of who we are and what we do. We invite anyone to join us as we pray for people throughout our church, our community, state, nation and our world. Intercessory Prayer is held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:00am via teleconference, phone 605-475-3220 (Code 320049#)”Sister Carolyn Vinson 
Brotherhood & Junior BrotherhoodThe mission of the Brotherhood Ministry is to provide support and Christian examples for men and young men, utilizing the Word of God as its guide.Dea. James Gause,
Junior UshersTo prepare the Sanctuary for the entrance of the congregation and visitors; to hand out programs and literature to all as they arrive; to direct the seating of the congregants; to provide special comfort as required; and to provide special assistance to handicapped worshippers as needed. Junior Ushers are members of the Charleston County Association Ushers and the SC State Ushers and have financial obligations to both organizations. Ages 7-17.Sister Kyna
KitchenPrepares and serves meals for the church for repasts and special occasionsSister Flechia
Male ChoirA group of Men strengthening and changing lives through songs.Deacon John Griffin,
MediaTo work behind the scenes to make it possible to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through recordings, amplified sound and PowerPoint.Trustee Phyllis
Men Going FishingA ministry dedicated and focused on going out into the community to help the people, men and women, with economic empowerment. The ministry also help to promote non-violence through gun violence prevention strategies. The participants in this ministry give, unselfishly, of their time, guidance and mentorship to young black men and boys.
Minister of MusicTo develop an atmosphere through praise and worship that will usher in the presence of the Lord while seeking to provide music with excellence, the ultimate goal is to draw one closer to Christ.Reverend Rossilind
“Missionary: Senior ( Ages 55 & up) YWA (Ages 18 – 45; age can be above age level or below, based on flexibility of church membership) Junior (Ages 8 – 17)”A Missionary is a baptized believer in Jesus Christ who shares the Gospel according to the Great Commission. The YWA is a ministry of young women trained in mission study, personal evangelism and mission action. All there sub-ministries participates in outreach projects assisting the Carolina Youth Center, Low Country Food Bank, and Operation Christmas Child The Junior Missionary and YWA work together under the Senior Missionary Ministry. The purpose is to teach mission, support local and foreign missions, while also engaging in mission action and evangelism. The Junior Missionary focus is to train our young girls to become civic-minded in the community and rendering services wherever possible. They are also trained and equipped with knowledge and understanding about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Sister Victoria
MIT Men-in-training Deacon James Gause,
Movie NightTo promote CMBC fellowship, fun, enjoyment and education through movie viewing.Deaconess Kartika
New MembersTo establish an orientation and training program for new members, and insure that all potential members ae made aware of their commitment to God and the Church. Provide information about Church Ministries.Sister Vickie
Parking and Security Brother Levon
Pastor’s Aide Deaconess Jerry Dean
Praise DanceMinisters to the body of Christ through praise, worship and dance. We encourage and uplift God’s people conveying His message through expressive movements of the body. The ministry consists of Jesus Little Disciples (ages 5-12), Charity’s Chosen Vessels (ages 13-19), David’s Mighty Dancers (males of all ages), and Deborah’s Army (ages 20 and up).Trustee Sonja
“Prayer & Praise Praise & Worship”The Praise and Worship ministry is a team of believes that are called not only to worship the Lord, but to facilitate the worship experience. This ministry exists to encourage and lead the congregation into the presence of the Lord and to facilitate and create an atmosphere where the presence of the Lord can dwell.Trustee Mary
PublicityThe Publicity Ministry is responsible for disseminating all pertinent information as it relates to the church activities and its impact on the community through broadcast media, internet, and new publicationsSister Trudy
Pulpit Aide Sister Joanne Gilbert 
Rose of Sharon Deaconess Willie Mae Geathers 
Sanctuary Choir Deaconess Jennifer
Senior BrotherhoodThe mission of the Brotherhood Ministry is to provide support and Christian examples for men and young men, utilizing the Word of God as its guide.Deacon James Gause,
Senior UshersTo prepare the Sanctuary for the entrance of th e congregation and visitors; to hand out programs and literature to all as they arrive; to direct the seating of all congregants; to provide special comfort as required; and to provide special assistance to handicapped worshippers as needed. Senior Ushers are members of Union #1, Charleston County Association Ushers, SC State Ushers and have financial obligations to both organizations. Ages 18 and up. Church membership is required.Trustee Henrietta
Special Programs Sister Brittany Green
Teen Bible Study“The purpose of the Teen Bible Study Ministry is to foster a strong Biblical foundation of Faith and compassion for the students that enhance on-going relationships, preparing them for issues they face each day and encouragement in God’s Word. We believe that by sharing God’s Word and honoring Him, we are able to grow closer to Him by building strong relationships thereby serving and discipling others. “Sister Theresa
Teen ChoirThe Teen choir allows for the youth to express their love for God through worship in song. The teens sing praises to God while ministering to those that are in service. The choir consists of youth starting at 13 years of ageSister Toccarra
Theatre MinistryWe use our God given gifts and talents to minister in creative performances. The major area is drama. These arts are used during church service and at various events and occasions.Brother Robert Averett,
TransportationTo provide reliable and safe transportation to and from worship service, bible study, and other special services.Sister Henrietta
Trustees Trustee Phyllis Griffin 
Youth Department Sister Kyna
Youth in Action Sister Cheryl
Women’s Auxiliary Sister Victoria