Child Care Sis. Sharon Manigault
Children’s Church Sis. Cheryl Walden
  Sis. Jeane’ Robinson
Christian Debutantes Sis. Kimberly Williams Odom
Church Sign Sis. Carol D. Griffin
Deaconess Sis. Jerry Dean Melvin
Economic Empowerment Deacon Levy Berry
Evangelism Rev. Edward Simmons, Sr.
Fulfillment Hour Supt. Sis. Cheryl Walden
Greeters Sis. Wanda Manigault
Health and Wellness Sis. Jennifer Griffin
H.E.L.P. Sis. Shirley Berry
Hospitality Sis. Flechia Bell
Intercessory Prayer Sis. Carolyn Vinson
Junior Brotherhood Deacon James Gause, Sr.
Junior Ushers Sis. Kyna Zealberg
Kitchen Sis. Flechia Bell
Male Choir Bro. John Griffin, Sr.
Media Sis. Phyllis Griffin
Men Going Fishing Rev. Edward Simmons, Sr.
Minister of Music Rev. Rossilind Daniels
Missionary Sis. Victoria Abram
MIT Men-in-training Dea. James Gause, Sr.
Movie Night Sis. Kartika Gibson
New Members Sis. Vickie Stuckey
Outreach Rev. Shirley Simmons
Parking and Security Bro. Levon Scott
Pastor’s Aide Sis. Jerry Dean Melvin
Praise Dance Sis. Sonja McGee
Prayer & Praise Sis. Mary Greer
Publicity Sis. Trudy Grant
Pulpit Aid Sis. Connie Cochran
Rose of Sharon Sis. Willie Mae Geathers
Sanctuary Choir Sis. Jennifer Griffin
Senior Brotherhood Deacon James Gause, Sr.
Senior Ushers Sis. Henrietta Conyers
Special Programs Sis. Leila Haynes
Transportation Sis. Henrietta Conyers
Young Adult Bible Study Min. Vertelle Seabrook
Youth Department Sis. Kyna Zealberg
Youth in Action Sis. Cheryl Walden
Young Women’s Auxiliary Sis. Ruthie Oree
  Deacon Levy Berry
  Deacon Wilson Melvin, Jr.
  Deacon James Gause, Sr.
  Deacon Ladine Daniels, Sr.
  Deacon Freddie Lambright
  Deacon Timothy Griffin
  Deacon Clarence Bryant
  Deacon William Cherry, Jr.
  Deacon David Gibson
  Deacon Kevin Greene
  Deacon John Griffin
  Deacon Randolph Mood
Chairman Bro. Levon Scott
Vice Chairman Sis. Phyllis Griffin
Secretary Sis. Marvella Ford
  Sis. Tonnia Switzer-Smalls
  Sis. Henrietta Conyers
  Sis. Terryl Gadson
  Sis. Terry Gradney
  Sis. Mary Greer
  Sis. Sonja McGee
  Sis. Kimberly Murdaugh
  Bro. Melvin Sturdivent
Treasurer Sis. Tonnia Switzer-Smalls
Ministerial Staff Rev. Melanie Collins
  Rev. Rossilind E. Daniels
  Rev. Clarence Frazier
  Rev. Sidney Melvin
  Rev. Edward Simmons
  Min. Jerod Frasier
  Min. Vertelle Seabrook
  Evang. Sandra Simmons
Administrative Assistant Sis. Mary E. Greer
Church Clerk Sis. Vickie Stuckey