Now we move to Galatians, Chapter 5. This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible and I pray you will find out why as we study it together over the next two weeks. In these first 12 verses of Galatians 5, Paul explains what freedom means for the Christian. Paul also defines the responsibilities of freedom for Christians then and now. Please read carefully and prayerfully Galatians 5:1-12 as you prepare for a rewarding discussion of this week’s assignment.
1.In Galatians 5:1, Paul writes the key verse of the entire letter to the Galatians. In Verse 1, Paul summarizes all that has been said in this letter by him up to this point. How does Paul summarize all that has been taught to the Galatians in this verse?
2. The second sentence in Verse 1 is a key to our understanding of this letter. What do you think Paul means by “do not let yourself be burdened again by the yoke of slavery”?
3. In Verse 2, Paul gives a stern warning against circumcision by the Galatians Christians. Why do you think Paul was serious about the danger of circumcision to the Galatians Christians?
4. In the last part of Verse 2, Paul warns that being circumcised would make Christ of “no value” to the Galatian Christians. What do you think he means by no value to them “at all”?
5. Paul says in Verse 4 that those who chose justification by the law and not by faith in Jesus Christ “have fallen away from grace.” What do you think he means by this? Can a Christian lose grace?
6. In Verse 5, Paul gives the final full statement on justification by faith in this letter. How would you explain what Paul means to a new Christian?
7. In Verse 6, Paul makes a beautiful and eloquent point about true Christianity. What do you get from this statement about the power and beauty of faith through love?
8. In Verse 7, Paul reminds us that he likes to use athletics, especially running, too make his points. Can you tell us the very well-known New Testament Scripture that Paul used to compare his life to a race that has run?
9. Which other Epistle, of his, is Paul quoting in Verse 9 when he talks about “a little yeast” and what does it mean?
10. Why do you think Paul is so confident in Verse 10 that the Galatians Christians “will take no other view”? Who makes him so confident?
11. Paul is making a profound point about the foundation of our faith when he says in Verse 11 that the “offense of the cross has been abolished.” What do you think Paul means by the “offense of the cross”?
12. In Verse 12, Paul says something very harsh, even gruesome about the agitators. Who were these agitators? Why do you think Paul wanted them commit such a horrible act?
13. In Galatians Chapter 5 Paul shows some of the anger and impatience he was known for when he was persecuting the Christians. Read 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 and compare that language to how Paul sounds in Galatians Chapter 5. What do you think helped Paul change between Galatians and Corinthians? Do you think he changed?