READ MARK 5:1-13

Last week, in our third lesson on the “Politics of Jesus,” we looked at the third
political strategy of Jesus: Strategy Three: “Expose the Workings of
Oppression.” This week we look at Strategy Four: “Call the Demon by Name!”
Please read Mark 5:1-13 “A Demon Possessed Man- Healed.” Do you see how
Jesus and the demon possessed man called the demon by name?
Please answer these seven (7) questions, after you read the scripture:

  1. What is an exorcism?
  2. Which of these do you think the demon possessed man represents?
    a. a man/person
    b. the nation of Israel
    c. America
  3. Why do you think Jesus asked the demon his name directly?
  4. What do you think were the conditions that caused this demon possessed
    man to live in the cemetery and cut himself and constantly do self-harm?
  5. What does the name Legion mean this story?
  6. What do you think the 2,000 pigs represent and why did Jesus send the
    unclean spirit in to them?
  7. Since Jesus freed the man from his demon possession, why do you think the
    people responded as they did in Mark 5:17?